Fwd: My General Method



Subject: My General Method
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 03:13:40 EDT

My general method is to look at key basics in all detail, at present I am looking at the Weyl equation, the Dirac equation for a rest particle, but giving detail that almost never appears in textbooks. If one finds that something is wring with the basics, then large areas of modern physics become obsolete. One example is of course the neglect of torsion, which means that large areas of contemporary cosmology are meaningless. Another example is the incorrect use of a Minkowski spacetime for electrodynamics, missing out the B(3) field. In my analysis of the Weyl and Dirac equation so far, I have given enough detail that a school pupil in mathematics should be able to follow the argument by working out the matrices for themselves. The usual assertion of standard physics that these equations produce an anti-particle seems to me now to becoming increasingly dubious. They produce mathematical relations between column matrices, and it is a leap of imagination to assert that this process produces antiparticles. The process produces opposite helicities. My next step is to analyse the probability four current of the Weyl and Dirac equations. As is well known this is where the Klein Gordon equation for a particle without spin (called a “scalar particle” in field theory) runs into trouble because it gives negative probabilities. The Dirac equation does no have this problem. However, to really understand this requires writing out all the matrix analysis in enough detail so that anyone can follow it. Then much of the mystery is removed form the subject. Most chemists certainly do not understand the mathematics of the Dirac equation and rely on theoretical physicists who in turn have little knowledge of chemistry. One has to develop a knowledge of all three subjects, chemistry, physics and mathematics, and reduce everything to its simplest format. So this is my general method, which I originally developed as an undergraduate when making notes out of lectures.


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