Fwd: Reducing Proofs to Simplicity



Subject: Reducing Proofs to Simplicity
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 03:28:24 EDT

An example of this reduction to simplicity method is given in flow chart three of proof one on the home page of _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) , where the correct procedure is given in the left hand column of the flow chart and the incorrect and obsolete standard procedure in the right hand column. This reduction to simplicity method is like inventing the safety pin, it is so obvious, but always in retrospect. If one comes across someone who rejects the safety pin, one gets suspicious of their motives. This is another way of saying that human nature has a tendency to hang on to things long after they have lost all meaning, the flat earth syndrome. I suppose that there are some people with vested interest who hate safety pins, and attack the safety pin with considerable intellectual complexity. Simplicity is indeed a virtue, not a cliche, and this is what William of Ockham taught in mediaeval times. He was of course declared a heretic.


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