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Subject: Captions
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 13:26:33 EDT

Attachment: Myron FAMILY photos.doc

Dear Myron,

Please add captions to these photos.


Fig. (1), Mynydd y Gwair from Gelliwastad in summer, mid sixties. Fig. (2), My late father’s Welsh sheepdog, summer time, mid sixties. Fig. (3), Heol y Mynydd, Craicefnparc, from my late father’s smallholding, Pant y Bedw, mid sixties. Fig. (4), Heavy snow over dry stone wall, from Gelliwastad looking west, 1962 / 1963. Fig. (5), Mynydd y Gwair from behind Pant y Bedw, heavy snow, 1962 / 1963. Fig. (7), Marriage photograph of my late grandfather, Thomas Elim Havard-Jones (Head Deacon of Elim Welsh Baptist Chapel, Craigcefnparc) and my late grandmother, Martha Jane Newlands, about 1920. Fig. (8), Marriage photograph as for Fig. (7), top left, my great grandfather, Thomas Jones Craigcefnparc, top right my great grandfather, William Newlands Craigcefnparc, and my grandparents, about 1920. Both great grandmothers were deceased by that time. Fig. (9), My late great aunt Maude Newlands, standing left, and my late grandmother Martha Jane Newlands, as children about 1905. Fig. (9), Gwyn Bannister of Callwen ,sitting left, who was best man at the wedding of my late father Edwad Ivor Evans, standing right, mid forties. Fig. (10), My late mother Mary Jones (later Mary Evans), about early forties. Fig. (11), My late mother and a fried walking down High Street, Swansea, during the war. Fig. (12), My late great aunt Lillian Havard Jones, at the grave of her brother John Havard Jones in Aberystwyth, the NAtional Library of Wales in the background, about late sixties. Fig. (13), Thoms Elim Havard Jones, Martha Jane Havard Jones, their daughter in law Gloria, and their grandchildren Lynwen and Hugh Jones, about 1960 in Alltwen, near Pontrardawe. Fig. (14) My sister Gwenydd Evans, in Craigcefnparc Primary School, late fifties. Fig .(15) My late father Edward Ivor Evans, with his half brother, the late Fred Lodge, his sister Nan Evans (later Stokes), and his half sister, the late Blodwen Lodge (later Griffiths) about mid seventies.


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