Fwd: Discussion of Symmetry in Gravitation and Electromagnetism



Subject: Discussion of Symmetry in Gravitation and Electromagnetism
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 04:53:50 EDT

This is the reduction to simplicity method at work in determining the fact that the connection in gravitation must be anti-symmetric and deriving what appear to be new anti-symmetric relations (15) between the four derivatives of potential. The B(3) field is derived from the anti-symmetry of the potential commutator, eq. (16). This is just arbitrarily ignored in the standard model, whose U(1) and gravitational sectors are fundamentally erroneous in many ways. The argument given here is so simple as to be irrefutable. Any trained scientist should be able to follow it easily, it is just simple O level algebra. The big problem with standard model protagonists in gravitational and field particle theory is the tremendous complexity and obscurity of their writings. The fact that they come to the wrong conclusion (symmetric connection), means that their work is not only obscure to the n’th degree, but also erroneous at a basic level. No chemist or general physicist or engineer ever reads this standard model work, knowing that it is meaningless. The standard model mathematicians must not underestimate the intelligence of experienced colleagues in other subject areas. This is a notorious failing of mathematicians. They tend to try to browbeat colleagues into submission, whereas no amount of incomprehensible complexity can be used to refute O level algebra. They also try to ignore or hand wave away new results that show their work to be wrong, even trying to hand wave away computer algebra (e.g. paper 93 ff.). This ridiculous conduct is no longer acceptable to the broader scientific community.

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