Fwd: Simple Derivation of the Hodge Dual (Cartan Evans) Identity



Subject: Simple Derivation of the Hodge Dual (Cartan Evans) Identity
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 07:21:30 EDT

This is a simple derivation of the dual identity which shows the incorrectness of the Einstein field equation of 1915. It has been reduced to a simple format which ought to be understandable by any scientist with an O level type training in mathematics. One should be suspicious of pseudo – mathematics if such a simple proof is challenged by use of symbolic hypercomplexity masquerading as mathematics. There would probably be an ulterior motive at work in order to save the field Einstein equation. Much easier just to accept industrially useful progress and simple logic. As pointed out by Eckardt, Rapoport and myself, the torsion cannot be neglected. This is part of my reduction to simplicity methodology where I investigate the horrendous complexity of twentieth century physics to see if it makes any sense. As often as not it turns out to be nonsense, or otherwise incorrect. This is why it is important to devise a relatively simple theory such as ECE which can be used for industrial development.

Attachment: asimplederivationofthehodgedualidentity.pdf


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