Fwd: A Key Point of the Proof of the Dual Identity



Subject: A Key Point of the Proof of the Dual Identity
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 05:05:09 EDT

The key point is that the metric weighting factor of the Hodge dual transform cancels out as shown in the attached, so we get the simple result that the dual identity is an example of the original identity. Any solution of the Einstein field equation must obey both eqs. (10) and (11) of the attached, but they do not do so. The Einstein field equation is incorrect geometrically and obsolete in many ways. This result is so simple that there is no purpose in debating it with people who do not understand algebra, or who deliberately try to muddy this simple result with false argument. The policy adopted now is therefore to work only with honest scientists who have honestly studied the ECE literature.

Attachment: akeypointoftheproofofthedualidentity.pdf

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