Fwd: New Law of Physics



Subject: New Law of Physics
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 05:32:12 EDT

Attachment: anewlawofphysics.pdf

The central law of physics discovered during the development of ECE theory is that all the field equations of physics are invariant under the Hodge transformation. The attached note gives all details of how this law works its way into the old U(1) electrodynamics, and corrects it. By uncritical acceptance, it is almost always stated that the Maxwell Heaviside laws are not Hodge invariant. This is an incorrect statement. The correctly invariant laws are governed by geometry and are given as eqs. (3) and (4) of the attached. Some details of the general Hodge transformation are given. In the next note I will give some examples using the method of fixing indices. I have found that when dealing with tensor algebra, this method is very helpful. experimentally, there are claims and counter claims about the existence of a magnetic monopole. However, the field equations are Hodge invariant irrespective of the existence of a magnetic monopole. All one can say experimentally is that the monopole may exist, but as usual these days there is always a great deal of experimental controversy. As can be seen by ECE scholars, the field equations of physics are all based on the Cartan Bianchi identity and its dual identity. These identities are Hodge invariant. I think that the tremendous confusion and multiplicity of fundamental mistakes in the old standard physics comes from the fact that the protagonists of that era did not study the basics carefully enough, so some basic misconceptions and errors introduced in the nineteenth century were accepted uncritically. In ECE theory there is always a team of able scholars who cross check all the calculations as they are made. I always check my calculations in as many ways as I can think of, and in ECE I have been doing this continuously for about six years.


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