Fwd: Republishing Enigmatic Photon Series



Subject: Fwd: Republishing Enigmatic Photon Series
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 02:58:56 EDT

I think that you could order the five volumes softback direct from Springer, which has taken over Kluwer of Dordrecht. Just ask any Springer editor and the five volume set can be obtained in softback. They were published in softback in about 2002. I see that they are now collectors’ items at Amazon. I certainly agree that a good book is still better than looking at a computer screen. As you can see I am making the proofs simpler and simpler – so that a Feynman lectures in physics type book is certainly on the cards. GCUFT5 has been published as you know, and is available from all good book shops, and we are coming up to the end of the production of GCUFT6.


I’m still trying to figure out how to get the 5-volume set of _Enigmatic Photon. If expected sales of a reprinting of _The Enigmatic Photon_ vols 1-5 does not justify a reprinting by Abramis, how about arranging to print and sell the volumes through Lulu.com? (Lulu is set up specifically for low volume printing.)

Also, have you thought about writing a book entitled (with apologies to Schaum’s Outline Series) _Myron Evans’ Outline of ECE General Relativity_? 🙂 I think such a book would sell well.

I’m really looking forward to vol 6 of GCUFT.

Thanks, Dave Feustel


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