Fwd: Returning to Paper 129 on the Weyl Equation



Subject: Returning to Paper 129 on the Weyl Equation
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 08:30:12 EDT

I will now return to paper 129, which I think will be dedicated entirely to the Weyl equation as obtained from Cartan geometry. This will investigate whether the concept of antiparticles stands up to geometrical scrutiny. The Weyl equation is the Dirac equation for a particle with no momentum. Then I think I will dedicate paper 130 to the Dirac equation, and paper 131 to the newly discovered symmetry of potentials:

partial sub nu A sub nu = – partial sub mu A sub nu

in various levels of electrodynamics. So physics has been essentially rewritten by ECE theory, in terms of a simple and powerful unified field theory.


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