Fwd: Probability Density of the Weyl Equation



Subject: Probability Density of the Weyl Equation
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 02:37:56 EDT

I will write out the proof of the positive definite probability density of the Weyl equation of relativistic quantum mechanics in the next note. In ECE theory the Dirac spinor is made up of Cartan tetrad components, so the probability density is also defined by geometry. The probability density of relativistic quantum mechanics can therefore be traced to a fundamental property – that the d’Alembertian and metric can be expanded in terms of Dirac matrix products. It is helpful to give the full analysis by writing out the matrices in full. This leads into the Dirac equation, which will be developed in paper 130. Paper 129 will be dedicated wholly to the Weyl equation in order to bring out the fundamentals the most clearly. In this paper a new interpretation of the equations will be given without using the Dirac sea. The latter concept relies on the Pauli exclusion principle, which is introduced empirically. There ought to be a geometrical explanation for the Pauli exclusion principle. In view of the number of Academies coming over to the TGA / AIAS point of view, I feel entirely justified in going over as many as I can of the basics of twentieth century physics and revising them, giving my own interpretation. This may often conflict with received opinion, but TGA / AIAS is the avant garde in physics now. The huge amount of interest in ECE theory is by now very well known in the profession, and even among the general public.


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