Fwd: 129(7) : Probability four current of the Dirac Equation



Subject: 129(7) : Probability four current of the Dirac Equation
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 04:40:11 EDT

This gives the derivation in full, the four current is derived from tetrad elements of spacetime in ECE theory, and the four current is the expectation value of the Dirac matrix. The adjoint spinor is introduced and worked out in full detail. The expectation value in quantum mechanics is therefore also a property of Cartan geometry. It was first introduced by Born in an empirical manner. ECE gives much more insight as to its origin, which is geometry. The next note will demonstrate in full detail how the four current of probability is conserved. The continuity equation in ECE has been demonstrated to be a consequence of the tetrad postulate, and so all conservation theorems of physics are consequences of geometry. Finally the existence of anti-particles will be scrutinized carefully with ECE theory after I have given all details of the basics. These details are almost never given in textbooks.

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