Fwd: 129(8): Conservation of Probability Density in the Weyl Equation



Subject: 129(8): Conservation of Probability Density in the Weyl Equation
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 06:01:28 EDT

These notes use all detail again to show that the probability density of the Weyl equation of a rest particle is rigorously conserved. This is sometimes known as “conservation of charge” but this charge should not be confused with the electric charge, the word “charge” in field theory has an entirely different meaning. In the new philosophical approach I take here, negative energy is rejected on the classical level, and the whole analysis is based on the famous E- = m c squared, which at the end of the note is recovered self-consistently. There is no sign so far of the anti particle. For that to emerge needs a moving particle, with mirror image frame. This reduction to simplicity gets rid of the huge complications caused throughout the twentieth century by the concept of the Dirac sea, i.e. a vacuum that is saturated according the the Pauli exclusion principle. The Dirac sea cannot be observed experimentally, and so is not a Baconian concept. Giving all the details in these notes may help the reader understand the true nature of the Dirac and Weyl equations.

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