Fwd: 129(9) : Conservation of Probability Four-Current in the Dirac Equation



Subject: 129(9) : Conservation of Probability Four-Current in the Dirac Equation
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 07:42:04 EDT

Attachment: a129thpapernotes9.pdf

This note shows how the probability four-current of relativistic quantum mechanics is rigorously conserved by the Dirac equation, which by eq. (8) of the attached is an equation of geometry. It is now known that the Dirac equation comes from the tetrad postulate and ECE Lemma, and that the Dirac spinor is a Cartan tetrad. All wave equations of physics are also Dirac type equations. The Lemma factorizes into the ECE / Dirac equation in any spacetime. The probability current in any spacetime is given in eq. ((15), it i steh expectation value of the Dirac matrix with tetrad wavefunction and adjoint inverse tetrad wavefunction froming the Dirac bracket. Fore these reasons the Copenhagen school’s philosophy does not make sense, because there is nothing “absolutely unknowable” (i.e. “indeterministic”) about geometry. So in ECE the Copenhagen school is rejected on these grounds, and on various experimental grounds. Dirac mentioned to John B. Hart that he derived his equation from geometry. This is clear from the fact that the d’Alembertian factorizes into the famous Dirac matrices, and thus into the equally famous Pauli matrices. This factorization is pure geometry.


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