Fwd: Some thoughts for papers 129 and 130



Subject: Some thoughts for papers 129 and 130
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 12:48:09 EDT

It is easily shown that the Weyl equation conserves P, T and C, the parity, motion reversal and charge conjugation operators. So it refers to different helicity states of the electron. The anti particle (positron) still has not entered the scene. What I wish to explore is the effect of reversing the chirality of the basis system. This is what generates a positron in my opinion. The positron exists in the same universe but its frame has opposite chirality. Since parity has changed, then charge must change to conserve CPT, so the positron’s charge is opposite to the electron. I intend to work out Dirac algebra in full detail for the interested reader, to arrive at the Dirac gamma5 matrix, which describes chirality. There is no need for the Pauli exclusion principle to generate the positron. The exclusion principle ,must be derived form the first principles of geometry, probably it follows conservation of parity. I am well aware that the quantum field theory of the Dirac equation is highly developed, but as usual I am seeking a simpler way of explaining things, applying the Ockham Razor – or “reduction to simplicity”. Then in future papers I will proceed to the quantum field theory, Fermi Dirac statistics and so on.


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