Fwd: D. Sc Gown of the University of Wales



Subject: D. Sc Gown of the University of Wales
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 05:01:02 EDT

This is the D. Sc. gown of the University of Wales, awarded in 1978 by Sir Goronwy Daniel of Ystradgynlais at a degree ceremony at the Great Hall of Penglais Campus, UCW Aberystwyth. This photo is with my late father, Edward Ivor Evans of Callwen (1922 – 2000), who married Mary Jones of Craigcefnparc (1926 – 2002) in 1948. This is still the D. Sc. degree awarded to the youngest recipient, I was 27 when awarded fo rforty two publications in the scientific literature, judged by the University of Wales to be a substantial contribution to knowledge.

Attachment: adscgown.pdf


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