Fwd: Personal Standard



Subject: Personal Standard
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 04:16:55 EDT

A few local people have asked me about the meaning of my personal standard, which now flies outside my house here in Craigcefnparc, and which displays my coat of arms granted on 7th July 2008, the date of the first TGA conference. The armorial bearings are displayed on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and also on _www.meuniversity.net_ (http://www.meuniversity.net) . They are recorded in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry 2009 and were granted by the College of Arms (part of the Queen’s Household) for distinguished service to Britain in science. I was appointed to the Civil List in 2005 for this reason. This is a British High Honour akin to Order of Merit (O.M.) so the arms partly record this and my other achievements. The personal standard signifies that I have the rank of Armiger (in my case Gentleman). Armigers may also be Knights or Barons in the contemporary system in Britain. Arms may be granted only after scrutiny and petitioning the Earl Marshall, the Howard Duke of Norfolk. The theme of the personal standard is peace and good will to all Nations. The main element is the golden lion rampant of the Queen’s ancestor, the distinguished Welsh Prince Rhys ap Gruffydd of the Royal House of Dinefwr (Dynevor), the direct ancestor of Henry VII Tudor. The lion carries a sheaf of hay to denote that my father was a farmer and coal miner, and to denote peace and prosperity. The background is a pattern of hills denoting the beautiful Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons). The motto is a line of my own cynghanedd, (traditonal metrical poetry), “Poer y llwch o’r pair llachar” (dust pours from the fiery cauldron, denoting coal mining and with the traditional consonantal alliteration). The crest consists of two red dragons (University of Aberystwyth) carrying the ancient Celtic Cross of Nanhyfern (Nevern), denoting peace and good will. My heraldic badge was also granted on 7th July 2008 and consists of a Norman helmet of eleventh century type, denoting descent from the Havards, with two heraldic goutes (drops of liquid), denoting my foundation of the European Molecular Liquids group at the British National Physical Laboratory in 1980, along with with NPL staff and others. The concentric rings denote my discovery of the B(3) field at Cornell, published 1992 in “Physica”. This led to O(3) electrodynamics and ECE theory in 2003 to present, causing a paradigm shift in physics. I come from a coal mining background, as does Gareth Evans and Kerry Pendergast. My background is Welsh speaking Baptist, nonconformist dissenters going back to the levellers of the seventeenth century, and of course wholly opposed to war. My title as Gentleman is Prof. Myron Wyn Evans of Glyneithrym, or in Welsh, Myron Wyn Evans Glyn Eithrym. The latter is the ancient name of this valley, and comes form the Celtic St Eithrym of about fifth or sixth century.


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