Fwd: AW: The Pauli Exclusion Principle



Subject: Re: AW: The Pauli Exclusion Principle
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 13:11:55 EDT

Agreed with this, Peter Atkins describes the Pauli principle in chapter nine of the second edition of “Molecular Quantum Mechanics”. S = 0 for two electrons is the singlet alpha1 beta2 – beta1 alpha2 where alpha1 and beta1 are the spin up and down states of electron 1, and similarly fro electron2. S = 1 is a combination of three states (triplet). Lewis Ryder discusses the principle on page 139 of the second edition of “Quantum Field Theory”, in terms of anti-commutator rules for the fermion in the quantum field theory of the Dirac equation. So the origin is the Jordan Wigner anti-commutator. The latter can be applied to fermions in all atoms and molecules. So what must be done is to explore the effect on the Jordan Wigner anti-commutator of gamma5. Probably it switches the parity of one electron to opposite parity, and all else should follow from that.


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