Fwd: Lande Factor of Electron



Subject: Lande Factor of Electron
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 08:50:07 EDT

The g factor of the electron is precisely 2 from the Dirac equation, but as shown in paper 85 for example, is corrected by the cA(0) of ECE theory to give zitterbewegung and hyperfine structure. This is the source of energy from spacetime, which if properly developed free of pseudoscience is another multi billion dollar industry. The electron g factor is known experimentally to the accuracy given in paper 85. Contrary to its claims, QED of the Feynman variety does not come anywhere near the right result, and also uses many adjustable parameters with fancy names, and also uses virtual particles and Copenhagne indeterminacy. All these are ideas which either cannot bet tested directly or have failed experimental tests of many different kinds. On top of all that we need the hocus pocus of renormalization, and thousands of terms in a sum which is not even known to converge, even just for one electron. We can simplify matters as just indicated in note 130(1) by not using the Dirac sea. ECE also bridges the chasm in the standard physics between the classical vacuum, (nothingness) and the Dirac sea vacuum, which is filled with anti-particles in the received opinion. We can now reject the received opinion and use the concept of frames of opposite chirality to give antiparticles in a far simpler way.


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