Fwd: Next Stages of Paper 130



Subject: Next Stages of Paper 130
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 08:29:07 EDT

These will deal with the most useful prediction of the Dirac equation, the Lande factor or half integral spin of the electron, giving rise to ESR, NMR and MRI, and will sketch out the Dirac theory of the H atom, again a triumph of the equation, this time giving fine structure L + 2S and all that). In ECE all this comes from Cartan geometry, and there is also a magnetless ESR, NMR and MRI which should give rise to a multi billion dollar industry if develop properly. This is called RFR (radiatively induced fermion resonance). Positon emission tomography is also a prediction of the Dirac equation, which in ECE is rigorously geometrical in origin. The Copenhagen indeterminacy has never predicted anything that stands up to rigorous experimental scrutiny, and is meaningless in geometry. In geometry there is nothing that is “absolutely unknowable”. As Kerry Pendergast shows – indeterminacy was first proven incorrect by Compton in the twenties, then by the EDCL group of Sir John Thomas (which observed atoms directly using advanced electron microscopy), and then by the Croca group in the University of Lisbon using advanced optical microscopy and in several other ways.


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