Fwd: 130(2): Quantum Field Theory of the Dirac Equation



Subject: Fwd: 130(2): Quantum Field Theory of the Dirac Equation
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 09:22:15 EDT

Many thanks! It makes sense to think of an antiparticle as being generated by the handedness or chirality operator, (gamma5), because it has opposite helicity (handedness) to the particle travelling in the same direction (e.g. Z). The helicity is sigma dot p, the component of spin in the direction of momentum. If sigma 3 (third Pauli matrix) is reversed keeping p along Z, then the helicity is reversed and gamma5 is reversed. The antiparticle moving in Z has opposite helicity to the particle moving in Z. CPT must be conserved, so the electric charge of the antiparticle must be opposite to that of the particle. So the positron is produced by reversing gamma5 and reversing the charge to conserve CPT. Thus

CPT = (-C)(-P)T

because the motion is the same (along Z) and motion reversal (T) is not implemented.

Well done Myron – back to common sense and the real world!! This had to be the way of nature – but it needed someone of genius to develop the equations, based on a meaningful geometry, to prove it. This really is the end of an era (with a new one well underway) and must be your most important piece of work. It destroys the standard model, with all its nonsensical and unphysical abstraction, once and for all. Negative energy, anti-matter etc – into the dustbin of history and the realms of pseudoscience – where it always belonged. This is the biggest paradigm shift in the history of physics destroying as it does a large part of the theoretical research effort of the last century. How many traditional posts in standard model physics are now left with any real meaning and value? How many good experiments have been wrongly interpreted?

Best, Gareth

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 06:11:41 -0400
Subject: 130(2): Quantum Field Theory of the Dirac Equation

This note gives the lagrangian background to the quantum field theory of the Dirac equation. The difference between the standard and ECE interpretations of the antiparticle is explained. The standard interpretation is rejected because of its use of unphysical negative energy on the classical level. The ECE interpretation is that the antiparticle of positive energy is generated from the particle of positive energy by reversing the sign of the chirality operator, the Dirac gamma5 matrix. So the problem of negative energy does not arise at all in the ECE interpretation, in which the Dirac sea is not needed. The consequences of the new ECE interpretation will be worked out next using second qauntization and creation and annihilation operators. This will lead to Fermi Dirac statistics and the Pauli exclusion principle.

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