Fwd: 1-15April09: USA feedback Activity for www.aias.us



Subject: 1-15April09: USA feedback Activity for http://www.aias.us
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 05:01:40 EDT

As usual this is a small 15 day sample of the huge amount of interest in ECE from the States. This has been continuous at this level for five years daily. This sample concentrates on the higher education, government, military and major corporate sectors. A * indicates multiple visits from one organization. Each entry may indicate multiple individual visits form one URL. Lately there has been a large amount of US university and institute interest in ECE, a pattern that is echoed worldwide.

Arizona State, Brown, Brigham Young, Caltech, Colorado, Columbia, Duke, Elmira College, Florida Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech., Harvard, Indiana, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics, Karunya, Kent State*, Los Rios, Lousiana, MIT*, Mississippi State, Michigan Tech., North Dakota system, Northwestern*, New York University, Oakton, Mississippi, Penn State, Stanford, Tabor College, Texas A and M, Toronto (edu system), Chapel Hill, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz*, Univ Georgia, Univ Houston, Indiana Chicago, Indiana Urbana Champaign. U Mass Dartmouth, Maryland*, Minnesota Twin Cities, Nevada Reno, U Penn, Puerto Rico, Washington, Washington State; Gov Alaska, Argonne National, Brookhaven, Jefferson, US dept health, US Patent Office, Hill Airforce Base*, Robins Airforce Base, US Army (AMRDEC), US ACE (Army), USAFA (HPC military), US Navy NAVO, US Archives, Timberland Regional Library, Botevgrad Inc., Microsfot, Motorola, Raytheon, …… numerous corporations.


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