Fwd: 130(3) : Second Quantization of the Dirac Spinor in the Standard Model



Subject: 130(3) : Second Quantization of the Dirac Spinor in the Standard Model
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 05:48:25 EDT

Attachment: a130thpapernotes3.pdf

In standard second quantization the Dirac spinor is regarded as a hermitian operator and expanded in terms of creation and annihilation operators using normal ordering and the Jordan Wigner anticommutator. This process is reduced to its simplest format in the attached note. As can be seen the process is one of Fourier expansion of positive and negative phases. There is no fundamental justification for normal ordering and the introduction of anti-commutators in this way. In the Weyl equation (notes 129) there is no justification for describing a particle as having opposite phase to an antiparticle. In the new approach of ECE theory the only natural (i.e. geometrical) anti-commutator is eq. (18), relating the metric and Dirac matrices. In ECE the process of generating the anti particle form the particle is far simpler than in the standard model, and is given in eq. (17), it is a sign reversal of the gamma5 matrix, the operator of chirality or handedness.


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