Fwd: Nomenclature



Subject: Nomenclature
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 09:09:40 EDT

I will adopt a slightly different nomenclature for papers 129 and 130, paper 129 will be for the Dirac particle with no momentum. The Weyl equation is the term usually used for a massless particle. In ECE however, there is no massless particle, so I will not use the term Weyl equation. The neutrino is now thought to have mass, and the photon must have mass in the theory of light bending. At present the photon mass is known to be below a certain number of kilograms. In the twentieth century it used to be said that a massless particle is its own antiparticle. This is not a clear statement. The hypothetical massless particle does not have a rest frame. Once one gets rid of the unnecessary complexity of the Dirac sea, the rest of Dirac’s work is strengthened. Similarly, once one corrects for the missing torsion in the Einstein equation, general relativity is strengthened. It may be that there exists objectivity without geometry, but again that would be an unnecessary complication. Good experiments at minimal expense are needed now in physics, not more of the same failed dogma. The clear result of this analysis is that the antiparticle is generated by reversing the sign of the chirality operator.


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