Fwd: Some incorrect ideas of the old standard model



Subject: Some incorrect ideas of the old standard model
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:41:46 EDT

All the ideas leading to the assumed formation of electrons in the old standard model are wrong. This is quite easy to show, the methods look complicated, as in papers 93, 95, 96, 117, 120 and so on, but the Cartan Evans dual identity is simple in structure. In shorthand it is DT = R. It is Hodge invariant with the Cartan Bianchi identity, which is DT tilde = R tilde. So we know that all the metrics of the Einstein field equation are wrong, that of course makes big bang, Hawking radiation and black hole theory obsolete. The old cosmology has been replaced on ones based on torsion. Hodge invariance in four dimensions is quite simple to understand, the Hodge dual of a two-form is another two-form, and vice versa. The experiments of physics are valid of course, provided they are reproducible and repeatable, but the interpretations are as often as not wildly wrong due to arbitrary neglect of torsion and use of the wrong connection symmetry. It is amazing that the wrong connection symmetry was used for a hundred years. Chemists are way ahead of physicists when it comes to useful science. I see no use at all in maintaining useless dogma, unless one wants to be a politician or bigot, the opposite of a scientist.


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