Fwd: Message from Dr Amoroso



Subject: Message from Dr Amoroso
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 10:31:39 EDT

This was relayed by Francesco by phone today. With Stan Jeffers I founded the Vigier Conferences in 1995, the year I was kicked out of UNCC for discovering the B(3) field. Jean-Pierre Vigier, one of the greatest of theoretical physicists of any era, condemned UNCC unreservedly at Vigier One. My first wife Laura was sent hate mail by a person called Geoffrey Hunter, who was subsequently retired early after a severe reprimand from his Chair. This incident led to the loss of my first wife and years of clinical depression (a dangerous condition). One can never absolutely forget something like that but I am now 99.5% recovered. Dr Amoroso came on the scene much later and was not involved in any of that stuff. The UNCC thing was righted by the British Government by two British high honours, in 2005 and 2008. So welcome to TGA / AIAS to Dr Amoroso’s organization. In our times scientific discussion can get way out of hand, and attacking one’s family by hate mail should never occur. I can take this stuff until hell freezes over, (and I have got a huge amount of it). The depression was caused by loss of a close family member, not by anything scientific.


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