Fwd: For Biography: Collection of Photographs



Subject: For Biography: Collection of Photographs
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 02:53:01 EDT

These photographs might interest Kerry Pendergast and Ken Russell and are early attempts at developing a distinctive photographic style.

1) Nightscape with petrol station of Dylan and Wyn Thomas, Craigcefnparc, mid sixties. 2) As sent already. 3) As sent already. 4) As sent already. 5) Cloudscape over Craigcefnparc from the valley, mid sixties. 6) A lough near Oban, Inverness, about 1973. 7) Nightscape with the pumping station of Nixon drift, Craigcefnparc, mid sixties. 8) Grandmother preparing my evening meal after school, mid sixties, this house. 9) Still life with eggs and copper shoe made by my great grandfather, William Newlands, thi shouse about 1967. 10) As sent already. 11) Tony Atkins and fellow first year students at “Brig y Don”, Sea View Place, Aberystwyth, making an uncontrolled descent of Pen Dinas on the back of a chair, heavy snow, Aberystwyth 1970. 12) Mountain Road Craigcefnparc, in fog, mid sixties. 13) As sent already. 14) Still life with lights and sailing ship, this house about 1967. 15) Aberystwyth from COnstiturion Hill, early seventies, undergraduate years. 16) Moonscape with TV Antenna, this house mid sixties. 17) As sent already. 18) Setting sun above Ty Coch, Craigcefnparc, mid sixties. 19) Snowscape with sheepdog on Gelliwastad, about 1969. 20) Setting sun with promenade lampost, Aberystwyth, about 1970, undergraduate years. 21) Sunset and seascape, Aberystwyth, about 1970.

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