Fwd: 130(7): Complete Matrix Factorization



Subject: 130(7): Complete Matrix Factorization
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 09:18:32 EDT

This note gives a summary of the way in which the existence of spin in a particle emerges from the use of 2 x 2 matrices instead fo 4 x 4 matrices. So I refer to this as the ECE equation of the fermion. This both simplifies and generalizes the Dirac equation of the fermion. It generalizes the Dirac method to consider the fermion in any spacetime, and dispenses with the need for the Dirac matrices. At the end I derive the conventional Dirac equation, but this does not give any more information than that available by use of 2 x 2 matrices which are all tetrads. So the procedure is pure geometry within the ECE hypothesis R = – kT. Therefore Dirac’s famous relativistic quantum mechanics is made into generally covariant quantum mechanics, i.e. relativistic QM is unified with general relativity and the anti-Baconian Copenhagen claims rejected. Some minor errors in notes 130(5) and 130(6) are corrected. The antiparticle is obtained by reversing helicity, and the Dirac sea rejected.

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