Fwd: 2 x 2 Spinors and 1 x 4 spinors



Subject: 2 x 2 Spinors and 1 x 4 spinors
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 10:27:17 EDT

Further to Horst’s comment on group theory, I think that the 2 x 2 spinors of the ECE rest fermion equation are irreducible representations. The 1 x 4 column vector spinors of the Dirac equation are reducible. It is well known that the Dirac matrices are arrangements of Pauli matrices on the off diagonals, but the key step is to realize that the Dirac equation’s eigenfunction is a 2 x 2 tetrad as first proposed in paper 4, published in “Foundations of Physics Letters”. The next stage is to extend the analysis to give the ECE equation of the moving fermion in terms of 2 x 2 matrices. A clue as to how this could be done is to realize that the zero order Dirac matrix can be written in the same way as the first Pauli matrix, but the symbol 1 in the zero order Dirac matrix represents the 2 x 2 unit matrix, and in the first Pauli matrix it is the ordinary number 1. So both gamma sup 0 and sigma sup 3 are

0 1

1 0


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