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Subject: Important Comments and Quote by Gareth Evans
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 08:11:35 EDT

Many thanks, and for all the encouragement over the years. This is exactly the quote that is needed, and it comes from Paul Dirac himself. I am a great fan of the Dirac equation, and once one gets rid of indeterminism and the obscurity of negative energy the equation becomes that much stronger. Similarly, once one incorporates torsion into general relativity, the subject becomes that much stronger. The Dirac matrices are fine, they factorize the Minkowski metric, but the Dirac equation is:

(En + sigma dot p) phiL(p) = m c squared phiR(p)

and (En – sigma dot p) phiR(p) = m c squared phiL(p)

and comes from the Lorentz boost of a spinor in two dimensional complex space. The two signs emerge from the fact that a boost K is expressible as

K = plus or minus i sigma / 2


phiR(p) = exp ( sigma dot phi / 2) phiR(0)

phiL(p) = exp ( – sigma dot phi / 2) phiL(0)

So once we have the rest fermion ECE equation (paper 129) e also have the general equation. It all comes out of geometry and is deterministic as Dirac himself thought.

This is fantastic and well deserved, sustained interest Myron. You say that it may be shocking to some to learn that the standard model is incorrect (and full of flaws and inconsistenies) but Dirac made the following comment himself in his latter years:

“It seems clear that the present quantum mechanics is not in its final form. Some further changes will be needed, just about as drastic as the changes made in passing from Boh’s orbit theory to quantum mechanics. Some day a new quantum mechanics, a relativistic one, will be discovered, in which we will not have these infinities occurring at all. It might well be that the new quantum mechanics will have determinism in the way that Einstein wanted. The determinism will be introduced only at the expense of abandoning some other preconceptions that physicists now hold. So, under these conditions I think it is very likely, or at any rate quite possible, that in the long run Einstein will turn out to be correct, even though for the time being physicists have to accept the Bohr probability interpretation, especially if they have examinations in front of them”.

You have achieved exactly what Dirac had predicted, and overcome the flaws and inconsistencies that the physics community has long been fully aware of, by approaching the problem from the relativistic side Myron. Quantum mechanics, and much more, will never be quite the same again. Any theory, as well as reproducing empirical facts, must also be logically and mathematically consistent. Quantum theory has never succeeded in satisfying these requirements and nor did Einsteins relativity. ECE theory does just this allowing “quantum mechanics” (whatever this now means in a new and fully consistent sense) to be unified with the mathematical requirements of relativity for the first time.

This is a wonderful achievement Myron, one of the great developments in science.

Best, Gareth

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 02:33:07 -0400

Subject: [AIAS] Fwd: Intense Interest in ECE Sites

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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 02:32:52 -0400
Subject: Intense Interest in ECE Sites

There is currently intense worldwide interest in the two main ECE sites, http://www.aias.us and http://www.atomicprecision.com. It looks as if we are going to break the monthly record of files downloaded (“hits”) this month, there having already been over 200,000 hits on the two sites so far this month (April 2009). The University interest is intense. The cumulative effect of the 129 source papers, over a thousand background notes, and many other excellent articles, translations and books by the AIAS / TGA colleagues is clearly turning the tide in favour of the ECE theory, which goes into all aspects of physics, chemistry and electrical engineering. It has also made several original discoveries in mathematics. Usually this impact would be recognized by the academies, and indeed this is happening (Yalta conference in June). It can be seen that ECE is the leading unified field theory, having overtaken the obsolete standard model. Notice is being taken of ECE in ways that the standard modellers can no longer afford to ignore without entirely losing all scientific credibility. To a large extent they have lost credibility already. The standard fringe of harassers and so on is dead in the water because their activity is criminal (for example the South Wales Police started an investigation, they would not do so without cause). So both schools of thought are now available to students of natural philosophy. Similarly classical and quantum mechanics are available, both subjects are taught. The difference is that classical concepts are mathematically correct, to a large extent the twentieth century’s standard model is mathematically incorrect. This may be shocking to some, but it is quite easy to show the flaws. It seems that this twentieth century dogma proliferated as a result of intense peer pressures, conform or else type of stuff. This is business as usual for human nature. Physics deals with nature, not human nature. The TGA gold medals and awards match the Nobel and Wolf Prizes in prestige. At Yalta in June for of them will be awarded to leading Russian Academicians.

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