Fwd: Some Comments on the ECE Fermion Equation



Subject: Some Comments on the ECE Fermion Equation
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:12:14 EDT

It can be seen from Eq, (26) of note 130(11) that it is written in terms of the Pauli matrices and that its wavefunction is a 2 x 2 matrix. Its major advantage is that it is part of a generally covariant unified field theory, and is a limit where the curvature is

R = – kappa squared

where kappa is the Compton wavenumber

kappa = m c / h bar

Its other major advantages are that it is derived from geometry and discards indeterminacy and negative energy. The equation of the anti-fermion is obtained by reversing helicity sigma dot p. Note that electric charge does not enter directly into either the Dirac equation or ECE equation, but in order to conserve CPT, the electric charge of the anti-fermion must be opposite to that of the fermion. So the ECE equation truly predicts the anti-fermion whereas the Dirac equation’s Dirac sea interpretation is anti-Baconian and mere speculation. The Dirac sea is the vacuum, and not directly observable. In Baconian natural philosophy everything must be observable and subjected to experimental testing.


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