Fwd: 130(12) : Summary and Comparison of ECE and Dirac Equations



Subject: 130(12) : Summary and Comparison of ECE and Dirac Equations
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 04:44:47 EDT

This note is a summary of paper 130, on the ECE free fermion equation, eq. (1). It is a major advance on the Dirac equation because the ECE equation is the free fermion limit of the ECE wave equation of generally covariant unified field theory. The Dirac equation is an equation of special relativity not unified with the other force fields of nature. The ECE equation of the anti-fermion is obtained by reversing the helicity, sigma dot p and conserving CPT. This is a major advance on the unobservable Dirac sea concept. It is shown that the Dirac equation is derived from geometry, and the claims of Copenhagen indeterminacy are rejected as non-Baconian. The ECE fermion equation is a factorization of the Einstein energy equation (15) of special relativity, using the Pauli matrices. The Dirac matrices are an unnecessary complication, and are not used by Ockham’s Razor.

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