Fwd: Electroweak and Strong Field Theory



Subject: Electroweak and Strong Field Theory
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 13:21:27 EDT

The new advances made for the ECE fermion equation can be applied now to the parity violating electroweak theory and strong theory. This will develop previous papers such as 19 – 21 and 37. A generally covariant Heisenberg equation was suggested in papers such as 5, 13 and 32. However in paper 131 I will develop the newly discovered symmetry relations between potentials in electromagnetism. For example

partial mu A sub nu = – partial sub mu A sub nu

This discovery followed from paper 122 and proof 1, which show that the connection in gravitation is antisymmetric, a fundamental discovery in Riemann geometry. In retrospect these discoveries look obvious, just like the safety pin or light bulb. All good ideas are obvious after one has thought of them. Beforehand however, they are obscured by a century of dogma. No serious scholar has challenged these discoveries.

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