Fwd: Writing up Paper 130



Subject: Writing up Paper 130
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 04:59:12 EDT

I will proceed to writing up paper 130 now, on the new ECE free fermion equation which disposes with the need for Dirac algebra. The latter is certainly too complicated in structure and the free fermion special relativistic quantum mechanics can be worked out entirely in terms of 2 x 2 matrices. For about 85 years, this has been thought to be impossible. The new ECE fermion equation is of course part of the new generally covariant unified field theory, which is attracting a great amount of interest worldwide, and has been for six years by now. The ECE free fermion equation is just a simple factorization of the Einstein energy equation of special relativity, from which the famous E0 = m c squared emerges in the rest fermion limit. There is no negative energy problem if common sense is used and negative energy rejected on the classical level so that it does not complicate the quantization. This research should open up a new era fo physics where the interaction of the fermion with fields such as gravitation can be worked out. Gravitation requires a spacetime with torsion. That is also a major advance of ECE theory and of AIAS / TGA members.


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