Fwd: paper 130



Subject: Fwd: paper 130
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 05:03:36 EDT

The derivation of Eqs. (35,36) from the factorization seems not to be unique since the wave functions at the right hand side could also be chosen in interchanged order. This would give no coupling between the Phi_R and Phi_L states. Of course the details become clearer when looking into the notes. A derivation of the Pauli principle from ECE theory seems to require further research. At least the derivation from Dirac theory seems not to be very convincing. Perhaps we must go beyond single-particle theory to achieve this.


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OK thanks as usual! I would say that the properties of SL(2.C) can be used as additional information to obtain the unique result, and of course one can use the argument that it is this result that reproduces experimental data. As you mention the notes go into this in great detail. I have not thought much about a new derivation from geometry of the Pauli principle yet, maybe I will return to that in paper 132.


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