Fwd: Unphysical Unobservables of the Twentieth Century Physics



Subject: Unphysical Unobservables of the Twentieth Century Physics
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 04:40:15 EDT

Bacon’s idols of the cave philosophy is the basis for all science, and implies that theory must be tested experimentally. So a theory must produce something that is observable in order that the theory be tested experimentally. The twentieth century standard model has almost destroyed the objectivity of science by proposing ideas that cannot be tested experimentally. Examples in approximate chronological order include: indeterminacy, five dimensions, negative energy, a vacuum filled with antiparticles, virtual particles, electrons that move backwards in time and at any velocity, virtual photons, dimensional regularization, the abstract internal spaces of gauge theory, the Higgs mechanism, spontaneous symmetry breaking of the vacuum, approximate symmetry, quark confinement, asymptotic freedom, black holes, big bang, strings, superstrings, multiple dimensions (which spring from the idea of five dimensions), dark matter, dark flow, dark universe, and anti-universe. In ECE unobservables are rejecetd as non Baconian, and a disasterous weakening of objectivity in natural philosophy.

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