Fwd: 131(6) : Simplest Proof of the Antisymmetry Law



Subject: 131(6) : Simplest Proof of the Antisymmetry Law
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 07:26:50 EDT

Attachment: a131stpapernotes6.pdf

The simplest proof is given here, and shows that the connection in Riemann geometry is antisymmetric by definition of the commutator. The whole of the standard gravitational theory is based on a symmetric connection and is erroneous. Similarly the U(1) electromagnetic sector is erroneous because of two major errors, eqs. (15) and (16). The ECE theory is correct in all sectors, and generally covariant in all sectors. If the standard protagonists continue to try to ignore these scientific arguments, they can no longer be regarded as scientists. There will be a complete schism between ECE scientists and standard pseudo-scientists. Each grouping will have its own publishing system, its own funding system and its own prize award system. So we will let history decide and carry on as two different scientific groupings.


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