Fwd: ECE University Visits this month



Subject: ECE University Visits this month
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 04:01:05 EDT

The sharply increased interest in ECE theory can be measured in many ways, one of them is University and Institute visits. This month there have been 125 US university visits, 26 British, 17 German, 10 Canadian and 7 French. The lead countries are US, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, ………. To date in April 2009 there have been 252,447 files downloaded (hits), averaging a record 9,016 hits per day from 10,606 individual visitors to date this month. These figures are up to 28th April. This is sustained (six year) international interest, so ECE theory is a new school of thought alongside the standard model. The latter is obsolete and incorrect, but intellectual inertia of over a century of dogma will mean that it will still be regarded as valid physics. It is pseudo-physics but so deeply embedded in the psyche of the establishment that it will be defended to the least drop of ink, a typical dogmatic reaction which is to be expected. There is still a flat earth society. However, to real scientists and real scholars, ECE is here to stay.


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