Fwd: Major Advances of ECE Theory



Subject: Major Advances of ECE Theory
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 04:51:08 EDT

The major advance is to restore Bacon’s philosophy to its rightful place in physics. This has meant dispelling untestable dogma and false mathematics. This has been done by making the arguments as simple as possible, so that they cannot be refuted without entire loss of scholarly credibility. Those who have tried to falsify ECE have fallen by the wayside, as we can say objectively from continuous monitoring of feedback, and by continuous discussion over six years. The physics establishment has also fallen by the wayside, because of its dogmatic, non-scientific, attitudes, and has become irrelevant to progress among the rank and file of real thought. The blank refusal of the establishment to accept change means that this change has happened around it. The hallowed Nobel Prize in physics, the archetypical icon, has been matched in prestige by the new TGA gold medals and prizes. Prestige is in the eyes of the beholder but geometry is not. The comparitive simplicity of ECE theory stands out well in comparison with the twentieth century physics, the archetypical idol of the Baconian cave which has degenerated into a kind of hyper-complex nonsense language, in need of a shave with Ockham’s Razor. In the last analysis ECE is a theory like any other, and must be tested against experimental data. It is capable of being tested against data, and so far has performed well. The standard model is deliberately constructed as to be untestable, so anyone can call themselves a physicist. I think that that is a neat summary of physics in the late twentieth century. After a good start it fell apart. In great contrast, subjects such as chemistry and engineering have gone from strength to strength, because they operate in the real world. I do not think that this is in any way an unrealistic or over-harsh assessment of physics and concomitant incomprehensible pseudo-mathematics. In ECE, everything has been made as simple as possible, not as complicated as possible so that no one understands what is happening. So it is time to switch funding away from hyper expensive failures such as CERN and into other subject areas.


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