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Subject: Cantref Gwaelod
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 03:42:44 EDT

Cantref Gwaelod is the name given to low lying land in the Irish sea that was flooded as the sea rose.In Celtic legend Seithennyn left the gates open and the sea came in. It was probably off the coast where Aberystwyth is situated, and anyone who has been a student there knows the power of the sea pounding against the walls. “What is that roar above the sea’s roar”” (W. B. Yeats). So here is an englyn to Cantref Gwaelod.

Cantref Gwaelod

Yn y llif hwn mae hunllef – y gwaelod Yw glywed ar bentref, Ar loer, ar fo^r oer ei lef Rhed y gwynt ar hyd gantref.

It transliterated something as follows, the first line describes a nightmare below the flood, it can be heard in the second line above a drowned village. The last two lines are a cywydd couplet and describe the wind rushing over the moon, the cold sea, and the Cantref (literally a hundred villages). As part of my duties as the only person on the Civil List from Wales I thought I would make an effort to write in the ancient bardic style as a humanist expression (Anthony Conran).


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