Fwd: 131(9): The Geometrical (ECE) Theory of Photon Mass in Electrodynamics



Subject: 131(9): The Geometrical (ECE) Theory of Photon Mass in Electrodynamics
Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 06:32:37 EDT

This is a self consistent theory of general relativity, and is summarized here for convenience. The potential has physical effects, as observed experimentally in ESR, NMR, MRI, the AB effects and the IFE. The photon mass is identically non-zero and there is no gauge freedom. The fundamental antisymmetry law inferred in papers 122 an proof one is incorporated. The B(3) field is recognized as being directly proportional to the connection, indicating that electrodynamics is general relativity, a part of a generally covariant unified field theory. In the IFE, spin connections are directly proportional to potential densities experimentally. The role of field and potential densities is recognized. In the next note the effect of the new antisymmetry constraints will be evaluated in the ECE engineering model, giving simple examples. The existence of B(3 implies the existence of photon mass and vice versa, as pointed out by Vigier in 1993. Photon mass was inferred by Einstein in about 1906.

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