Fwd: Electronic Books on the ECE Sites licenced to Abramis



Subject: Electronic Books on the ECE Sites licenced to Abramis
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 03:05:20 EDT

Nice to hear from Lar Felker, and best of luck with his projects. Producing a volume two of “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” would be a good idea, it was an outstanding success in preprint format on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and has been translated into Spanish by Alex Hill and his colleagues. Perhaps it could be translated into German by Horst Eckardt and his colleagues, who could also extend it to a volume two which could later be translated into English. Another idea is that “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” (Abramis 2007) could be made into an e book to be displayed on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and _www.atomicprecision.com_ (http://www.atomicprecision.com) under licence to Abramis, who would get 75% of each e book sold, the authors and transaltors would share the remaining 25%. Similarly for the Spanish and German translations, and also translations into other languages. Also GCUFT1 to GCUFT6 could be sold as e books and Abramis would get 75%, myself as author 25%. These two sites generate a great amount of traffic now, almost three million hits a year. Kerry Pendergast is also preparing two new books, “The Life of Myron Evans” and “Crystal Spheres”, and both have generated a lot of interest in preprint format on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) .


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