Fwd: 131(10): Hodge Invariance is Fundamental to Physics



Subject: 131(10): Hodge Invariance is Fundamental to Physics
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 05:09:07 EDT

Since the natural sciences are now unified in one theory (ECE by international agreement and intense six year international interest in the websites of ECE) if follows that all the field equations of physics must be Hodge invariant in four dimensions. Field theories with more than four dimensions are not needed so are rejected by Ockham’s Razor, and field theories with unobservables are not Baconian and so are rejected as unphysical. The fundamental field equations are simple, and can be expressed most generally as Eq. (15), in which the a index allows spinors to be used, and SU(n) representation spaces (fermionic, weak and strong fields). The field equations of dynamics and electrodynamics can be written as the Hodge invariant structure (14). The Einstein field equation does not obey this structure and is obsolete by de facto international agreement. It has been replaced by structures such as the ECE engineering model that are based directly on Eq. (14).

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