Fwd: Computation of Torsion from Curvature



Subject: Fwd: Computation of Torsion from Curvature
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 02:35:51 EDT

Yes, this can be done from eq. (5) of note 131(11), and in fact this method has already been extensively developed in vector notation in the code by Doug Lindstrom and the ECE engineering model of Horst Eckardt. The torsion is now primary, the curvature is a type of torsion. The Einstein field equation will not do, because it leaves out torsion. I think we should cease referring to the backwoodsmen as the establishment, clearly they are no longer relevant to science. Similarly those who adhered to classical mechanics after teh mid twenties have been forgotten by history.


Now that we have Maxima, Maple, and Mathematica to do the computation, has anyone tried to compute torsion directly as a function of curvature from the equation relating curvature and torsion? Is that in fact possible? I’ve got 2GB memory in my computer, so there should be plenty of memory available for the computation if it is possible :-).

Thanks, Dave Feustel


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