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Subject: Fwd: ECE-wiki
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 12:18:45 EDT


I go to wikipedia to get definitions of terms like curvature, connection, torsion, etc. But the torsion entry discusses the Bianchi identities, the 2nd of which does not apply in ECE. Have you thought about creating a small ECE-wiki at aias.us where terms are correctly defined in terms of ECE theory?

Thanks, Dave Feustel

I think that this has been done in proofs one to five and so on, and also in Lar Felker’s book, where there is an extensive glossary as you know. Wikipedia is banned from use by most reputable universities because of its inaccuracy, and its grotesque attitudes. The definitions of torsion and curvature that are used in ECE are actually the ones used by Carroll in his book and downloadable notes. In my note to you today I tried to summarize the failures of the Einstein field equation in the simplest way possible, i.e. the strongest way possible.


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