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Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 12:40:46 EDT

I can not find a Russian article on this site. Write, please, the exact address of the page where the article is located. —– Original Message —–

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Subject: Fwd: Magazine DNA-12

Thanks for the invitation! I do not speak or write Russian myself, but it may be possible to find a translator for a key article. The ECE overview article has been translated into Russian and other languages and you are welcome to publish that one. It is found on the home page of http://www.aias.us. Do you have any length restriction or preferred format?

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Click “Publications” on the home page, then the top entry in the blue box, “ECE Theory, Start of a New Age in Physics”. I had this professionally translated into Russian. The authors are Lar Felker and Horst Eckardt. I Am keen to have the entire website translated into several languages, but of course this is a big task. It may be that the Siberian or Moscow Academies will take on this task.


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