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Subject: Obsolete Standard Remarks
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 02:56:37 EDT


I bumped into this the other day:


ECE is included, so I thought I’d bring it to your attention. You know, the ruthlessness and nastiness with which vested interest attempts to discredit competitor theories makes me angry. My New Scientist is full of multiverse garbage saying string theory is the only game in town. String theory is the pseudoscience, by every measure you can take.


John Duffield

In view of the overwhelming international interest in ECE theory this kind of remark is obsolete and should be ignored. Using feedback activity software we see that the ECE sites out impact Wikipedia completely. The original Wikipedia entry on myself was posted by someone unknown, and defaced by a character called Akhlesh Lakhtakia, “Science Guy” on Wikipedia. Using feedback software, we traced horrendously abusive e mail to Lakhtakia, who has disappeared from Wikipedia. This abusive e mail was sent repeatedly to the Prime Minister’s Office in London by using my e mail listing. Several other well known harassers of the stadnard fringe have used this method. The Wikipedia site on myself became the most controversial Wikipedia site in the world and was eventually removed. It attempted to censor the British Civil List because I am inconveniently on it. This fact does not square with being branded as a “pseudoscientist”. So Kerry Pendergast of Gwent wrote my true biography, and Ken Russell will make a film out of it. The obsolete standard dogmatists then proceeded to construct a site which childishly and luridly brands ECE as “pseudoscience”. We are well used to this stupid nonsense at AIAS and take no notice of it. The AIAS group has been harassed systematically for many years, along with science editors who publish good new sceince,and finally the South Wales Police took action. Many formal complaints have been forwarded to Penn State, where Lakhtakia works, and also to the relevant District Attorney in Pennsylvania. The forthcoming Yalta Conference of TGA / AIAS is to be attended by senior Academicians and Nobel Laureates, and several Academies of Science have recently joined TGA / AIAS. In my view the attempted branding of ECE as “pseudoscience” is grotesque intellectual failure, akin to being branded as a heretic in the middle ages. If colleagues around the world wish to do so, they can challenge the Wikipedia branding by posting their own views, again making the site controversial. The way that the present standard dogmatists behave is a corruption of science, which is a corruption of thought. The ECE arguments are simple, and based on the well established principles of William of Ockham and Francis Bacon. The Institute of Physics and arXiv are culpable, they use untrained secretaries to reject non-standard papers without the editors reading them. So several international professions in turn ignore the Institute of Physics and arXiv. There are now two completely independent physics systems.

British Civil List Scientist


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