Fwd: Parallels in History to the Present Situation in Physics



Subject: Parallels in History to the Present Situation in Physics
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 16:01:47 EDT

The population of physicists is now so large that it is a small country of its own. So I loo for parallels in events that include teh following.

1) The aftermath of the French Revolution, Spring 1794, in the power struggle between Danton and Robespierre (google youtube + Danton + French Revolution for the well known film on Georges-Jacques Danton). 2) The Reformation in Europe and the Thirty Years’ War of Kepler’s time. In fact it has been thirty three years since I was first attacked for “publishing too much”. That was shortly before I was awarded the Harrison and Meldola Medals, and told that my work was good enough for the Marlow Medal, and shortly before I was awarded a D. Sc. at the age of 27, still a record. There followed a purge at the EDCL, as is well known. This is not very different from Spring 1794, or the purge of heretics following the Lutheran Declaration. 3) Henry VIII Tudor’s Dissolution of the Monasteries for gross corruption. 4) The events which led to the establishment of the Commonwealth in Britain and to the Leveller Constitution of 1647, rejected by Cromwell, but the basis of the US Constitution of 1776.


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