Some Comments on Science versus Dogma


During the past week I criticised the standard theoretical physics for its slide into dogma, and noted that there is a deepening rift between this dogma and the empirical science of Bacon, sometimes known as the British empirical school after him. I gave some examples of clearly refuted dogma which is still being perpetuated for the purpose of funding. The deep schism between the dogmatists and the rest of science is well known to be evident through the overwhelmingly positive reception given to ECE theory. As noted by Dr Gareth J. Evans there has been a profound paradigm shift. There is a rift between theoretical physics and the rest of the natural sciences and engineering. While ECE is already being applied industrially, the dogmatic journals still try to censor it in a scandalously unscientific way as is well known. That can only be seen as dogma, the opposite of Baconian science and the opposite of enlightenment. I conclude therefore that there has been a collapse in confidence in the standard model, on and it has been refuted in many ways. A prime example is paper 122 and proof one. These show in a simple way that the Riemannian connection is antisymmetric, and that alone is enough to refute all of standard cosmology. Proofs one to five are easy to understand. Paper 131 introduces important new symmetry relations in electrodynamics, leading in turn to improvements in the ECE engineering model. Last but not least I have decided to develop my interests in literature, so will spend 80% of my time on science, on future GCUFT volumes, and 20% on poetry. I recommend Kerry Pendergast’s excllent biography for further important remarks on how the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle was refuted as far back as the twenties by Compton, then by Sir John Thomas and his group at the EDCL by direct observation of atoms, then by Prof. Jose Croca and his group at Lisbon. Yet all these experiments are ignored. Dogma of this kind should not be publicly funded. Civil List Scientist


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