Note 132(7): Magnetic Field in ECE Theory


Eq. (7) shows that as for the electric field, the magnetic field is generated directly by the spin connection vector for each polarization a of the complex circular basis. Note carefully from eqs. (14) and (15) that different components of the spin connection tensor are used for the electric and magnetic fields. Similarly the gravitational and gravitomagnetic fields are generated directly from the spin connection as in eqs. (12) and (13). Note carefully that the gravitomagnetic field h is c times smaller than the gravitational field g in S.I. units. This is in direct analogy with B being c times smaller than E in S.I. units. The gravitational field g is many orders smaller in S.I. units than the electric field, and the gravitomagnetic field is many orders smaller than the magnetic field for a given r between two charged masses. Euler Bernoulli resonance enters through the structure (8) as given in previous work. The structure (6) is simple and easy to understand. So the fields are E, B, g and h in order of strength in S.I. units. The h field is about thirty orders of magnitude smaller than E.



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