Major Discoveries on the Classical Level


I think that the working group is agreed that papers 122 and 131 are major discoveries. These could have been made in the middle of the nineteenth century, but were missed because the commutator method of generating fields was not known. These discoveries are so simple that there is no way in which they can be refuted without abandoning the commutator method. The commutator of covariant derivatives acts on any tensor to produce the curvature and torsion tensors simultaneously. In electrodynamics it acts on the gauge field to produce the field tensor. Similarly there are commutators for the weak and strong fields. the commutator is antisymmetric in mu and nu by definition and it follows immediately that the Riemannian connection is antisymmetric (proof one) and that there exist antisymmetric potential relations in electrodynamics, and also gravitational, weak and strong field theory. These refute U(1) electromagnetic sector symmetry immediately. For example, Dr. Douglas Lindstrom of Alberta pointed out yesterday that the antisymmetry relation: partial A / partial t = del phi means curl A = 0 because curl del phi = 0, so on the U(1) level there is no B = curl A. In the blog note posted this morning it is shown that B = A(0) omega where phi = cA(0) is the primordial voltage. The magnetic field is generated directly by the spin connection of GENERAL relativity. So we know for the first time that electrodynamics is general relativity, and cannot be special relativity (where omega is zero). bcc working group, Oxford colleagues, RSC and Prime Minister’s Office


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